True Self-Awareness and understanding come from within. This is why Yoga is a personal journey.

Self-Realization (as Patanjali reminds us in the Yoga Sutras) can only be attained in a space that is free from ego and distortion (whether this is the ego and distortion that comes from your conditioned mind or the ego and distortion that comes from the collectively conditioned mind of society).

Neither Self-awareness nor Self-Realization can be attained by looking at the reflections shared from the minds of others (so don’t even take my word for it since I am only an expert on me, a researcher/observer of the world, and a guide for others to lead them within themselves for the knowledge that they seek). What I know from living life and supporting others is that you should always ensure that you practice clearing your mind, learning facts and techniques when applicable, and getting your personal insights from the Source within you (at times with the support of a trained professional, but otherwise on your own). Do not become overly dependent on others for the things that you need that can only be found within you; instead learn the skills that are required to harvest the fruits from your own inner garden when it comes to your own personal development.

Become educated about the realities of, and strategies that can be used within, the world to best navigate through it, but always recognize that everything except the ultimate Truth that can be found beyond the Maya of the world is a distortion of the truth. This Truth can only be found in the silent space beyond the mind, desires, and the false sense of identity/perspectives that are adopted from others and society and is subject to change with time, sentiment, and new information.

Stay grounded in the Truth of who you are and what is Real by anchoring yourself to the still, ever-present, light and wisdom within you. This knowledge will never lead you astray.

Thank you for reading.

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