true self

How To Avoid Identifying With The Illusion Of Maya/The Ego

If you have ever watched someone reduce themselves (or others) to their bank account, their title, their body, their car, or some other arbitrary, temporary, and/or artificial sense of self-accomplishment, such as the approval of others or outside institutions, and … Read MoreRead More

The Greatest Knowledge Comes From Within

True Self-Awareness and understanding come from within. This is why Yoga is a personal journey. Self-Realization (as Patanjali reminds us in the Yoga Sutras) can only be attained in a space that is free from ego and distortion (whether this is the … Read MoreRead More

What You Own And Create

Humans often have a delusion that they do, or can, own more than they would ever even want to take responsibility for truly owning in their lifetime. This delusion is due to ignorance and an ego desire for domination or … Read MoreRead More

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