What Is The Ego? | The Deceptive “self” That Binds

The ego sense-of “I” needs “others” and things to survive and to exist; it is born, dies, and is reborn based on shifting “markers of identity” tied to body-mind experiences, “accumulations,” “relationships,” and “losses,” and it is inherently bound to … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 51: Check-In | The Distinction Between Pain And Suffering (Ignorance And Knowledge/Awareness)

Making the distinction between pain and suffering, or ignorance and knowledge, is simple in principle, but the distinction often requires a high level of discernment, which is where things fall apart for most people. If a person is steeped in … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 50: Reflections On Sustaining A Mind-Field That Grows No Seeds Of Ignorance (2.26) [Excerpt]

“Now, the good news, fortunately, is that the eightfold path provides a clear roadmap to the dissolution of this ignorance that is systematic and easy to follow. The one thing to be aware of here…is that even with this seemingly … Read MoreRead More