“Now, the good news, fortunately, is that the eightfold path provides a clear roadmap to the dissolution of this ignorance that is systematic and easy to follow.

The one thing to be aware of here…is that even with this seemingly clear path, due to the nature of your previous conditioning, you must enter the path with a full understanding of what ignorance looks like to begin with in order to not allow it to slip through your translation of your roadmap due to unawareness. You will have to know now how not to muddy your perspective or your path in a way that drags your efforts down and ties you to Maya, causing you to fall back on your progress instead of successfully moving forward.

So here is what to look for at all times as you journey on: always (yes, in an absolute way, so start practicing now if this is not yet second nature…and always remember that you can do this…) ensure that you are grounded in the full understanding of your unchanging Truth of who you are as opposed to the constantly changing form of your ego at all times. This is vital and is something that you will, of course, learn to do more and more effectively as you progress.

To simply get started, however, begin by at least learning to identify the distinction between the two states within yourself right now in whatever way you can…even if it is just in the form of an ongoing mental note by which you guide all aspects of your day.

We will discuss the specifics and some strategies for developing this discernment and cultivating it more strongly within you in the upcoming weeks, but for now, just simply be sure that you keep this guideline in mind as you move forward.”

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