Humans often have a delusion that they do, or can, own more than they would ever even want to take responsibility for truly owning in their lifetime. This delusion is due to ignorance and an ego desire for domination or control that has historically led to a wide range of bad Karma throughout time. I don’t even need to list the countless examples of this because I am sure that you are aware of even three if you have been paying attention.

Whether it is land, other people, life itself, or even your True Self, you own none of it and neither does any other human being who has ever lived or ever will live in the present or future.

Everything belongs to God/The Source/The Creator/The Purusa, or whatever else you may choose to call it; your mind is included in this.

Everything that you receive, from your relationships to your learnings, is entrusted to you.

You are here to use the gifts that you have been given, of cognition, ability, potential, and so forth, to discover and carry out your purpose and the right actions that support it as dictated by the primary intention/potential for your creation. And this purpose is never dictated by your ego, your partner, your family, your culture, your history, your society, or anything else that is only creation itself (although it may be influenced by and bring benefits to all of these things). Your aim as you move forward with your Yoga practice should always be to fulfill your purpose by clearing out the distortions within you that prevent you from fully knowing the reality of your True Self.

Never take or try to take credit for even your largest accomplishments because your creations all depend on your Creation itself. You can only take credit for your thoughts, words, and actions since these are what you have within your control.

Remember that your life can either be a collaboration with The Creator or a struggle with your ego creations. Choose to create something that is in alignment with your True Self-expression, and it will always be and do good.

Through Self-Realization, you will recognize that you did not create the atoms that created you, but you can merge back into this Source of creation itself since this Source is indistinguishable from you.

Thank you for reading.

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