To Be Secure In Your Self Is To Be Free From Concepts About Yourself

If I told you that your suffering will never end, and you will remain stuck without progressing on your inner path, until you drop your thoughts, ideologies, and concepts, would you still hold on to them as if they were … Read MoreRead More

A Reminder To Value Your Inner Vision And Focus

When your focus and goals are internal and inward, when you are more interested in cultivating a rich and vibrant inner landscape for your higher Self to inhabit than you are in playing the external game of worldly accumulation, the … Read MoreRead More

The Greatest Knowledge Comes From Within

True Self-Awareness and understanding come from within. This is why Yoga is a personal journey. Self-Realization (as Patanjali reminds us in the Yoga Sutras) can only be attained in a space that is free from ego and distortion (whether this is the … Read MoreRead More