When your focus and goals are internal and inward, when you are more interested in cultivating a rich and vibrant inner landscape for your higher Self to inhabit than you are in playing the external game of worldly accumulation, the world may have a hard time understanding you since others mainly strive for validation externally and can only view you and your life from an external, and often limited, perspective based on their level of consciousness.

What This Means When Interacting With Others

Others may project their desires, hatreds, fears, shame, and other feelings from their subjective interpretation of their illusory sense of reality onto you, and sometimes they may do so violently (even when their illusions have no real translation into actual Reality nor any foundation in Truth), but always remember that their clouded misinterpretation of the external world based on their lack of ability to fully look, and be still, within themselves is not something that you should be too concerned about. Just stay away from people who intentionally try to harm you.

The truth is simply that many will never see you, or others, or even themselves, in their lifetime. Do not let the fact that those people are too busy fighting with the illusions in their minds and in the world to perceive life correctly, or to act humanely, bother you. Just do your best to not be or become like them. Stay connected with yourself and your light as you navigate through life.

Remember that most people are not major or even minor characters in the personal story of your life anyway, some may spit hatred and throw tantrums while you pass them by and that has nothing to do with you, but you do not have to accept their poison into your being. You can respectfully decline offers of hatred and ugliness and let them keep these issues for themselves.

And do not despair if some lost ones include “family” and “friends,” or anyone else you assumed you could give basic human trust to while simply living life. Just keep moving forward.

What To Remember:

Remember that people’s minds and being are their responsibility. In the same way that one can use their energy to strive for worldly gains, inner riches do not come from an absence of hard inner work and the overcoming of great obstacles either, so be proud of your accomplishments even as you know there is still further left to go.

Have compassion for any blindness that you see in the world and in those who do not cultivate a rich inner landscape, but never take their behavior to heart, because nothing that another person does has anything to do with you.

Remember that everyone has the capability, but some people will never use their ability, to clearly see what is True. Sit comfortably with the fact that no one in the world will ever truly see you until they are able to see themselves. And rejoice in the gift of encountering those rare few individuals whose eyes and hearts can see clearly when you meet them without projecting their distortions onto you; that kind of beauty is a blessing to encounter in life.

Know that it is a gift to be able to see more than the human eye and ego can perceive. Continue to cultivate this type of seeing within yourself more and more each day. Your liberation, although it can only save you in the end, may inspire others to look within themselves for the undistorted truth of who they are as well. When you look within you and bring forth invaluable intangible riches, you show others the way to their own riches as well.

You and your life are not for others to figure out, although many may waste time trying. Your life is for you to live and make vibrant from within.

But you knew this already, so, I write this mainly just as a reminder that you are not alone.

Thank you for reading.

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