Due to the shape of their inner landscapes/levels of consciousness shrouded in the darkness of ignorance, egoism, hatred, jealousy/envy, greed, and so forth, many people are susceptible to believing in lies more than they are to accepting the Truth (even when the Truth is often much more useful, and can be far more liberating, than any made-up lie or “misconception” that is fabricated due to evil, weak, or distorted thinking). The world just witnessed a clear example of this in the case of Johnny Depp, where a malicious lie was adopted and spread by gossipers and weak thinkers (not surprisingly, since these things tend to become emboldened by vapid group acceptance), who (because the ill-intentions resonated with so many’s distorted imaginations) temporarily gave a malicious, narcissistic, lying person the power to shape their perception of reality and “exploit” their preexisting biases, sensitives, desires, and fears, for the sake of harming another (who many claimed they “loved” and/or admired).

The good news, however, is that while lies can be wiped out with knowledge and evidence (because they need the presence of ignorance to be sustained), the Truth cannot be diminished by ignorance, delusion, and/or ill-intention. The Truth is what it is, and does not change based on spin, framing, omission, distortion, misconception, disbelief, belief, etc.

And, most importantly, Absolute Truth is Absolute Absolutely; it is not relative or subject to change based on perceptions, because it exists independent of perception or perspective.

Keep your mind in check, your focus on unchanging Truth(s), and your beliefs under a microscope of observation at all times. Do not become entangled in the dramas, karmas, and ongoing traumas of collective delusion, fantasy, and or lower animal thinking attached to the pull of Maya. There is enough delusion and madness in the world; do not let your mind be the next one to empower lies and/or stupidity; keep your mind clear and remain unattached. This suggestion is directly supported by your commitment to your Yama practice.

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