The Truth About Self-Sacrifice

Self-sacrifice is often unfortunately praised in its distorted form while being undervalued when looked at with the light of truth.

Self-sacrifice is often viewed as something “noble” when it is expressed as the socially acceptable act of everyday martyrdom in which Self-abandonment takes place (in the form of giving up one’s time, resources, money, truth, or even one’s well-being) to appease others, solve problems that one did not create, or to try to correct issues that one has no control over fixing (such as the distorted opinions and views of the world).

Always remember that the only Self-sacrifice worth engaging in is the sacrifice of the lower-self, or ego, to the will and Truth of the Higher-Self that is directly connected to The Source. All other forms of self-sacrifice except this one are a distortion.

While lower forms of self-sacrifice will deplete you and inevitably create suffering, true Self-sacrifice only restores you and brings you freedom.

Sacrifice yourself only to what truly matters, and let everything else fall away.

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