When You Get That Feelin’, You Need Spiritual Healin’

The Facts: There Are No Blanket Behavioral Responses To Trauma, Toxic Stress, And/Or Adversity Though the initial autonomic reaction of hyperinflammatory defense (that causes fight, flight, freeze, etc) is common amongst all who experience trauma, different people experience different things … Read MoreRead More

Building Resilience After Trauma: Important Ways With Yoga And Meditation

What Is Trauma? Trauma is not a disease, a deficiency, nor an event. Even though Trauma is accompanied, and identified, by body-mind dis-ease (or dysregulation), that may be triggered by an event, or a series of (unfortunate) events, Trauma responses … Read MoreRead More

Use Everything, Including Your Suffering, To Connect Firmly To Your Power And Divinity

As Sutra 2.1 suggests, use your pain as purification. If you have suffered greatly and deeply in life and can still generate kindness, Love, and joy within you, then you not only have a lot of manure to create a … Read MoreRead More

On Suffering: How To Stop Carrying The Heavy Weight Of The World On Your Shoulders And Release The Resulting Pain In The Neck That It Causes

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Sutra Studies Week 45: Reflections On The Fact That What Binds You Sets You Free (Sutra 2.21) [Preview With Video]

“Suffering, when you look at its function on your path, can guide you back to that within you which can never truly suffer, and once you gain that connection with the Truth (from insight and integrated experience–even just as a … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 45: What Binds You Holds The Key That Sets You Free (Sutra 2.21)

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Sutra Studies Week 44: Reflections On The Fact That The Seer Is Pure Consciousness Perceiving (Sutra 2.20) [With Video]

“The real question, therefore, is: ‘how can you take all that you are seeking outside of yourself in the illusion of Maya, and the foundational illusion that your limited sense of self causes (by the most prominent error of ego … Read MoreRead More

“How Do You Stay Aligned When Life Is Sometimes So Full Of Apparent/Perceived Suffering?” [Video]

The only reason for virtually all of your suffering in life is identifying with/reacting to the illusions and noise of the world as opposed to staying connected with the Truth of your Self. … Read More

Releasing The Stress And Suffering Of Life

Yoga and meditation serve as safe and effective means by which you can release stresses, worries, tensions, and concerns and effectively manage the ongoing changes that come from living life. … Read More

Why Yoga Can Liberate You From Suffering

Connection to your True Self, which is the eternal Source of peace, is the only way to liberate yourself from the perpetual cycle of suffering that everyone is born into through the human experience. Everything else is a distraction. The … Read More

Sutra Studies Week 25: Check-In | Finding And Creating Inner Peace (Even Through Pain)

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Sutra Studies Week 25: The Trauma And Suffering Caused By Separation From The Source And The True Self (Sutras 31-32)

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A Simple Thought Exercise For Locating The True Source Of Your Mental Suffering

Find your attachment (if no moral or ethical violation is present), then you will locate your reason for suffering in any situation. … Read More