Use Everything, Including Your Suffering, To Connect Firmly To Your Power And Divinity

As Sutra 2.1 suggests, use your pain as purification. If you have suffered greatly and deeply in life and can still generate kindness, Love, and joy within you, then you not only have a lot of manure to create a … Read MoreRead More

On Suffering: How To Stop Carrying The Heavy Weight Of The World On Your Shoulders And Release The Resulting Pain In The Neck That It Causes

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Sutra Studies Week 45: Reflections On The Fact That What Binds You Sets You Free (Sutra 2.21) [Preview With Video]

“Suffering, when you look at its function on your path, can guide you back to that within you which can never truly suffer, and once you gain that connection with the Truth (from insight and integrated experience–even just as a … Read MoreRead More