As Sutra 2.1 suggests, use your pain as purification.

If you have suffered greatly and deeply in life and can still generate kindness, Love, and joy within you, then you not only have a lot of manure to create a flourishing and fruitful inner landscape, but you also possess a treasure trove of invaluable and powerful skills.

You are strong, resourceful, and capable enough to create something beautiful out of all that you have endured.

Tend to your inner garden and master your peace-bringing blossoms.

Don’t get stuck staring at, or wallowing in, dung!

Allow life to unfold. It will do so effortlessly. And as it unfolds, it will bring up everything that needs to be cleared away and expressed within you. This may cause you suffering. Simply stay connected to your greater Self-awareness at all times and you will gain mastery over both your pleasurable and painful experiences so that you can clearly see the deeper Truths that they reveal.

Everything has the potential to show you where there is either room for improvement and further clarity, or where there is beauty and light already coming through.

All you have to do is remain in a state of neutral awareness and unattachment, and just keep moving forward.

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