A Reminder Of The Innate “Value” Of Those Who Serve A Higher Calling And, Therefore, All Of Existence

You are enough. Whatever that means for you in the world is quite irrelevant since this fact is simply a given. … Read More

How Care Professionals, And Those Who Serve Others, Can Remember To Care For Their Own Well-Being Each Day

Burn-out, compassion-fatigue, second-hand trauma, bureaucratic-overload, toxic-stress, smiling-sadness, and all of it’s variations, paired with an innate desire to serve, can create situations where one wants to bring his/her best self to important work, but simply cannot do so because his/her … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 13: Check-In | Why Yoga Is One Of The Highest Forms Of Service (When All Limbs Are Practiced)

Yoga is both inner and outer work. Practicing Yamas teach you to see, and honor, your connection with, and to, all of existence. Niyamas teach you how to be responsible for caring for your individual expression in the world. Asanas … Read MoreRead More