You are enough.

Whatever that means for you in the world is quite irrelevant since this fact is simply a given.

It is important, however, that when you know enough, have lived/been through enough, have seen enough to understand, that you then withdraw your energy from all that does not honor this sacredness within you.

You are here to experience, and can give, the highest that existence can provide through your unique and vital perspective.

It is, therefore, important that you learn to recognize non-sense and distraction in order to most effectively give your time and valuable life energy to the things that are of/for the highest good (not as determined by the world or society, but as determined by your higher calling/knowing and “Spirit”).

It is your responsibility, with conscious intelligence and awareness, to acknowledge the spaces, people, and places that support you to give the most of your presence and value in the world (without depletion), so that you can be of greatest value to the world.

Honor the divinity within you beautiful Creator; it is no small thing that you are here.

Thank you for reading.

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