Acceptance of what happened is an important part of your healing process.

Acceptance does not mean excusing any wrongdoing if you were harmed.

Acceptance is not a denial of reality in order to feel better in the moment by suppressing your feelings or ignoring what occurred through avoidance thoughts and activities. It is knowing that what happened occurred (and it sucked), and now that you are still alive, you can move forward from here.

Acceptance is simply your empowered and conscious self-loving choice to take back your energy and move forward from the painfilled part of your story so that you no longer allow what happened to have more power over your thoughts, feelings, and actions than you do.

Acceptance is courageously and honestly feeling all of your emotions and acknowledging what occurred so that you can then take action to heal.

When you heal to get and be better as opposed to just temporarily and only feeling better by lying to yourself and denying reality, you empower yourself to truly overcome, take appropriate action, and thrive.

You can do this!

Yoga Inspired Healing Affirmation:

I allow myself to be free to be as I am at this moment. I am accepted and loved completely and expand into more of my Realized Self in the world each day.

Thank you for reading.

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