Neither my body nor my mind is perfect.

Only I am perfection.

Neither my body nor my mind is free.

Only I am freedom.

Neither my speech nor my attitude nor my life is immaculate.

Only I am immaculate.

Only I am joy; nothing in this world can bring what I already am to me.

Always remember that you are not your body or your mind, your roles in society, other people’s projections or expectations, the qualities that you embody, or anything else that is changeable.

You are pure consciousness itself.

Everything, except your True Self can only be improved in life. Only the pure consciousness that flows through you is in a state of ever-present perfection.

Be sure to clear away all distortions that get in the way of this recognition, so that you can fully align your perspective with this foundational/fundamental Truth and live in it each and every day (no matter how “perfect” or “imperfect” things may appear to be within Maya temporarily at any given moment).

Do not become attached to temporary form.

Only you, in your pure, formless, shapeless, unbounded essence is perfect, and you are eternally so for all time, and beyond time; everything else is just perfectly fine for now and always changing into a state that is also just perfectly fine indefinitely and temporarily into the future.

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