“The world will constantly be bombarding you with attachments, selling you misery and disease, and sometimes covering it in sugar coated candy for your distraction and sensual indulgence…Other than basic reminders of what to avoid in order to not become lost out here in the world, you do not need to spend too much time entertaining the problems of this world.”

*Buddha did not “save the world” by entertaining its problems. Jesus did not save the world by entertaining its problems. No corporation, or politician, or well-meaning person, will save the world by entertaining its problems. The world does not need saving, even as chaotic as it is. The world is what it is based on the collective Karma of its inhabitants and will remain what it is for as long as it is that way. Save and liberate your Self; this may or may not inspire others to do the same, but your liberation is the highest “goal” that you can attain in this lifetime and is, therefore, worth “pursuing,” just for its own sake, everything else will only keep you trapped in the world in suffering, which, as an intelligent being, once you understand this, serves no purpose for you to continue playing around in.

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