Do not become attached.

Remain present and observe your thoughts neutrally.

If your trauma goes beyond the common ego trauma that most of humanity is afflicted by, then it may be useful to also remind yourself that you are safe in the present moment. Ground yourself in the Reality of this moment.

Do not become attached. Let your feelings and the noisiness of the mind settle down so that you can hear the silence of your true self, which is unbothered and undisturbed by the illusions of and in the world.

Be mindful of the Reality of who and what you are in each moment by remaining neutral and present within your Self.

Look out into the world and at your form (in thoughts, words, and actions, as well as physicality) with curiosity and just remain an observer.

Note what there is to see and learn about yourself and the world as the moments pass by.

Thank you for reading.

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