Have you been practicing detachment and neutral observation of your mind this week?

Please remember that in order to truly connect with all of who you are in your highest expression, you must first let go of every distortion within you that gets in the way…and these distortions are mainly your ego identity and its accompanying thoughts, words, and actions (karmas).

As you practice observing yourself a bit more deeply today: What are some of the thoughts, or types of thoughts, that you are willing to surrender/let go of right now in order to get closer to your full, unclouded self-expression?

Are they memories, false beliefs, treasured desires, or are they the most enjoyable illusions of your ego-based identity that you cling to out of sheer habit? Ask yourself: “what would happen if I let these thoughts go, even for a minute?”

Feel out this answer the the above question with your full being and document it in your journal.

What, if anything, is left when most, or all, of your distorted thoughts are no longer present within you?

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