“In Yoga, after you have practiced bringing or directing your attention to a common center or objective, first using gross and then subtle objects, the aim is to eventually make your focal point the essence and meaning of OM.

You metaphorically move from the bottom of the symbol to the top and eventually focus on the dot at the top of the symbol, which represents the pure source of all of creation (as discussed in our previous weeks’ Sutra Studies), and you merge back into the true self through these efforts of concentration.”

Always remember that Dharana/Concentration and Meditation/Dhyana are the last steps on the Eightfold Path before you attain the state of Samadhi, which, at its deepest level, connects you with the pure self after Asamprajnata Samadhi, which many also refer to as Turiya (in Buddhist studies).

Week 25 Reflections

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