Regulating Your Body-Mind & Coming To Focus | Part 6-Dharana And Concentrating On/Into The Self | Satsang Full Recording | 11-30-21 [With Video Excerpt]

This meeting explores the importance of, and methods for, becoming concentrated in, and concentrating on, the Self for a deeper connection with, and understanding of, the Self. … Read More

Sutra Studies Week 34: When Nothing Else Matters Or Exists Except The Object Of Your Focus (Sutra 41)

This page is protected and requires group access … Read More

Sutra Studies Week 25: Reflections On Meditation As A Means To Create Freedom From The Trauma And Suffering Caused By Separation From The Source And The True Self (Sutras 31-32)

“In Yoga, after you have practiced bringing or directing your attention to a common center or objective, first using gross and then subtle objects, the aim is to eventually make your focal point the essence and meaning of OM. You … Read MoreRead More