When I was studying abroad in India in my Junior year of college, I came across a sign that I will always remember.

One day, my classmates and I were visiting a very popular fort/castle in the beautiful city of Jaisalmer. As we navigated through the rooms of the impressive structure with our imaginations and our senses heightened, I came across a painted sign that declared (obviously not in these exact words, but the picture is included in this post’s featured image): “Do your best and Ganesha will do the rest.”

I was enchanted…partly, because I was a fan of the symbolic meaning of the Lord Ganesha and all that he/it represented, but mainly because I knew that there was power and truth in that statement.

If you want to accomplish any goal in life, according to both Coaching Sciences and Yoga, the formula is simple:

Step 1:

Set a clearly defined desired outcome: It is best if you can be as specific as possible and truly create a full picture in your mind of what you wish to achieve as well as a compelling feeling of what your accomplishment will be like before moving forward.

Step 2:

Set a clear plan that will most likely lead to your desired outcome: This is the planning of the karma (or actions) that you will put in. Be sure that these steps are small, attainable, exciting, and also challenging. If you take the right actions, they will often help you to grow a bit more or to gain new skills moving forward so that you improve yourself on your way toward accomplishing your desired outcome.

Step 3:

Take action: Execute your plan to the best of your abilities.

Step 4:

Expect to accomplish your desired goal but be detached enough from the outcome to open yourself up to whatever results are created: After you have consciously done your best to take the right and most effective action to reach a desired outcome, things are no longer in your control and it is best for the results of your actions, and their effect in the world, to take their natural course without too much attempted force on your end (beyond what you are in control of). Let your actions, and the results that they create, show you what works and what does not so that you can enjoy your creations and the fruits of your best efforts without judgment.

Step 5:

Course adjust accordingly: Life can be unpredictable. Sometimes our goals work out exactly as we envisioned them, sometimes not…And sometimes we create even more beautiful things than we could have ever imagined! If necessary, be willing to modify your actions as you see how they have an impact in the world and take additional or alterative required steps if necessary.

When you do your best in life, only then can you truly say that you have done all that you can do. Outside of your best efforts, things are really up to the mysterious unfolding of cause and effect. Be sure to enjoy what the journey reveals.

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