You have probably already heard the saying that “you were not born to eat, sleep, work, and then die,” or something like that.

And yet, when people think about goal-setting, even in their Yoga practice, they often (no matter how lofty their goal may appear to be) reduce their aims to the gratification of body-mind-ego desires that bind their life-force energy to fleeting objects and sensations in the world so that they can eat, sleep, and work better at being slaves to their body-mind-ego complexes and to the illusions of Maya…and then die.

Don’t feel bad if this describes any resolutions/goals that you have set for yourself, however, since this is just a part of the human conditioning that you are “working” to clear away through deeper engagement with your Sadhana over time.

When humans set their aspiration “bar high” within Maya, it is often only as high as a dreamy fantasy that includes multi-billion dollar personal bank accounts (for no valid reason), the shaping or costuming of their bodies for acceptance, approval, or “love,” since at their core they feel lacking in these things, “nice feelings” or experiences (again due to feelings of lack), or one fleeting worldly accomplishment or another that is associated with creating “greatness” or a “legacy” (by selling a product, being entertaining, or sharing opinions on TV or on the internet that fade with relevance over time despite the illusion that is sold about being “legendary” for one reason or another), or some other distracting use of energy that will keep any given person bound to over-identifying with, and working for, their temporary, limited, form that will dissolve at the end of their lifetime after binding them to suffering with others who, when ego-bound, they often then have to compromise their Truth or pure expression to negotiate the terms and conditions for manifesting things in the world with.

“Go big or go home,” another saying goes…because obviously that is what you are here for…Right…to burn out your life-force energy making “big things,” light shows, and explosions in the world for public display, amusement, and awe?…Isn’t that how you express the loud roar of Absolute Bliss: to entertain others within the play of Maya, for a distraction from the cycle of ongoing ego-created misery that you and they can get lost in, having become consumed by illusory roles, and forgetting your eternally present Self?

Your Purpose Is Already Manifest: In Latent, Potential, And Present Form Eternally–You Are “Missing It” Because You Are Using It To Limit Yourself To A Body-Mind Ego Performer On The Stage Of Maya (Waiting For Your Next Casting Call)

If “inner development” is achieved and “self-knowledge” is pursued under the ego-body-mind complex, it does not go any further than some general conceptual “knowledge” of be/do (“good” or the “right thing”–subject to fleeting social norms, not universal principles) to “get along,” or to get what your body-mind-ego wants (and sometimes needs), within Maya, nor does it reach beyond conceptualizing the Self as “spirit in human form” who will/can manifest things for a “glorious life” out here in the illusion of reality.

But what about existence, and the ability to be/do anything, is not glorious in and of itself? What does being “spirit” mean? To be possessed by some ghost here on Earth…an entity who serves as a Butler catering to your body-mind urges? (All because “you rang?”)

If you are existence, consciousness, bliss itself (Sat, Chit, Ananda), what more could possibly be worth knowing or being (fully) than that in this lifetime (since that is all there is)?

How well are you setting your goals to the highest expression of your Nature, beautiful Creator? How well are your “aims” purely, fully, and truly, liberating you to be, know, and express your Self without bounds, distortions, or limitations in and beyond the world? Are your aims bigger than a limited body-mind-ego (which, like putty in your hands can be shaped into anything with applied effort), or bigger than this world and its “well-marketed” (if you call harassment marketing) trappings, or are you simply bound to/by/within these things? Is it possible to have these fleeting things, without them having you, and to even go beyond?

What do your life’s “aims” look like when you are connected to the Truth of who/what you are? And what could any worldly goal possibly give you that you do not already have when you actually clear away the biggest obstacle that is getting in your way (thinking that “you” are only this body-mind-ego complex temporarily floating around in any given space and time, believing that you exist to simply serve a personal (or collective) form that caters to an even bigger illusion that only promises to keep you bound to/within it)?

What is worth your “doing, being, having” in this lifetime other than your Self, and what does this look/feel like when/if manifested into any form?

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