Let go of your worries, even for just a moment.

Just put them down and be free to see what will happen next.

Are you ready to try this with me?

To stir up a moment (or two) of quick and delicious mental clarity:

  • Stay aware and fully present in the moment. Become grounded in the reality of life unfolding around you. Hear your room, feel your chair, be conscious of the space that you inhabit, and become aware of everything in it. Feel the safety and presence of this moment of existence.
  • Do not be tempted, or dragged, into fantasy, whether this be in the form of a “memory,” a figment of your imagination about what could possibly be occurring in the present outside of what you can see in front of you, etc. Let go of all fantasy, especially of any hopeful or terrified projections into the future.
  • Choose to live this moment from your true “I” presence as opposed to from your ego.

Sometimes we forget that we are alive and breathing even while living; mostly missing the quiet little moments as they go rolling by with us in them.

Sometimes time rolls by with us lost in our minds, digging through the dumpsters or sandcastles of the past, wandering far off into the LaLa Land of the future, or stuck in a cycle of worry that sifts through every possible potential scenario that could exist on planet Earth to impact us or others, and we waste precious energy trying to figure life out instead of embracing and enjoying it.

But what would happen if we simply relaxed? Even for just a moment, just let it all go and simply enjoyed the moment rolling by with us in it, sitting where we are–alive and breathing–and moving into the next moment with nothing else to do.

When we focus on our worries, as opposed to on what is going on in our present moment, we fail to recognize all of the beauty that is around us right now, and we give up the numerous perfect opportunities for joy that are present for us to participate in.

So, right now, instead of worrying or being anywhere other than where you are in the present moment, I invite you to take a look around.

What do you see?

What wonderful opportunities for joy or peace exist for you to partake in at the moment?

Do you see an opportunity to engage in/with something in your environment, or do you see an opportunity to simply just sit within your environment without engaging?

Now, what will you do with this understanding?

Thank you for reading.

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