Shine your Light on everything in life.

If you hold back your Light, you only deprive yourself of what has already been abundantly provided as the foundational element of your Self (and all of) Creation.

Your Light, naturally, will illumine to all things, including all that is shrouded in darkness in your life, body, and mind.

You are best served starting with shining Light on all that you, yourself, have created (your thoughts, words, and actions), but feel welcomed to let your Light be free to illumine all of Creation that exists within you through your perspective/understanding beyond your “personal” world as well.

Let your Light be translated into knowledge that illuminates all ignorance, and let your knowledge be translated into Love that burns out all egoism, attachment, hatred, and fear.

Always remember that your Love must be full and complete to experience, be, and reflect the full and complete Love of the Self in/of all of creation.

Never deprive yourself of the Light, Knowledge, and Love that illuminates all things and reflects in/through your full Self.

Thank you for reading.

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