Although starting over can sometimes feel like an incredibly difficult undertaking, always remember that in order for us to make room for who we are today we are often tasked with the important responsibility of letting go of many of the things, people, places, habits, lifestyles, dreams, and even desires that once defined us.

Coming close to death for the third time three years ago, and then again for the fourth time about a year afterward definitely helped me to do this and reprioritize what matters most in my life.

Here is my reflection:

Reflections On Letting Go And Starting Anew

If you are going through a transition or transformation and sometimes feel overwhelmed by the intensity that comes from working those change muscles, it may be useful to draw strength and inspiration from one of the most powerful illustrations of transformation in action that exists on Earth, birth, and just breathe through those metaphorical labor pains.

Relax into the process that is unfolding within you so that you can successfully deliver the healthy new life, identity, idea, business, lifestyle, or whatever else you may be creating; let what has been seeded and developed though your desire, experience, and growth be birthed through you and be the truly spectacular unfolding that it is.

And also, congratulations on your evolution by the way. In case you have not stopped to celebrate your progress and need a reminder of how far you have come, I invite you to fully acknowledge that you are doing great!

Week One Reflection Question:

What were some takeaways from your week of contemplating this idea of letting go and starting anew?

What are some things that you learned/discovered, and how are you going to take these things into your life in order to create something beautiful today, tomorrow, and for the days to come?

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