Love is your Nature, it is not a cheaply-made product of your ego construct created for social transactions and posturing in the world.

Ego transactions do not represent True Love.

Ego transactions are for the maintenance of false identities that bind you to endless Karmas and suffering in the world. True Love is a Reality of your very existence, and it keeps you free.

Distinguishing the difference between the two is essential if you wish to be liberated from spiritual bondage in this lifetime.

The Shape Of Your Love

Can you give your everything in expectation of nothing in return, with full awareness that you are never depleted?

The reason that True Love is rarely, or consistently, expressed in most human relationships/transactions, despite what humans themselves have claimed about their exchanges of its different knockoffs, is because the species has normalized and confused ego costumes with their identity.

When Love just is, just shown/expressed, not personally “defined” nor “given,” one can see its true nature in action.

True charity is one example of Love in action. But, like everything else, it is easy to get the ego involved in “selflessly” giving something of value to “another.”

It is best to always ask yourself: Can I truly give with no expectation in return (not even social validation)? Is my giving an expression of a personal will with an agenda (tax write-off or otherwise) or is it an allowing of a greater will to share my blessings with others with no expectation of anything in return (not even warm-fuzzy feelings, and certainly not convenience, comfort, or psychological reassurance, since I can already abundantly give these things to myself)?

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