“Thus, the supreme state of Independence manifests while the Guṇas reabsorb themselves into Prakṛti, having no more purpose to serve the Puruṣa. Or [to look from another angle] the power of pure consciousness settles in its own pure nature.”

–The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Puruṣārthaśūnyānām Guṇānām Pratiprasavaḥ Kaivalyam Svarūpa Pratiṣṭhā Vā Citiśakter Iti

Puruṣa: Self, pure consciousness | Artha: purpose, meaning | (Puruṣārtha: the four purposes of the human: artha, kāma, dharma and mokṣa) | śūnyānām: devoid of, loss of existence, of being zero | Guṇānām: of the primal attributes (sattvas, etc.) | Pratiprasavaḥ: reabsorb, involution, recede, return back in reverse | Kaivalyam: absolute freedom, independence | Svarūpa: its own nature, own form | Pratiṣṭhā: settles, established | Vā: or | Citi: pure consciousness | śakteḥ: of its power | Iti: thus, the end

The body-mind-ego (and everything in all of Creation) exists to bring experience to the Purusa (the Self as Pure Consciousness). Once you settle back into this True Nature/Self, knowing your Self independent from form, over-identification with the body-mind-ego vessel as “who you are” ceases completely and you come to expressed “perfection,” outgrowing the need for further experiencing to define you based on fleeting appearances within Maya.

And so, the Gunas (forces of nature) that impact and shape your form to create experiences based on subconscious impressions (which only tie you to the perpetual cycle of desire pursuit, fear and, Karma that leads to suffering) are no longer needed and return back to elemental form (Prakriti) upon your physical death. You are fully Liberated from form and suffering.

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