Everything is constantly changing with time, and your body-mind is no exception to this truth.

Remember to be gentle with yourself as you move through life.

Do. Not. Become. Attached. To. Passing. Experience.

Allow moods, thoughts, events, words, and experience to simply move through you. You (like anyone else) can be a raging hot mess, completely “stuck,” or a beautiful work in progress at any moment, and none of it will change your perfection or last indefinitely. You can even be completely agreeable, pleasant, and peaceful without effort for a while and none of it will last. Everything must be surrendered to the Truth of the one unchanging Self/Reality for complete liberation from Maya.

Again, nothing, even the illusion of the thoughts that you choose to agree with that come from inside or outside of you, will stay the same, and, simultaneously and paradoxically, nothing can change your perfection at any moment either.

Instead of stressing yourself out about life experiences, simply experience life. Learn any required lessons, use everything that comes and goes as fertilizer to nourish your inner garden, decide how you wish to proceed (or simply allow time to move forward like it inevitably does anyway), and move forward with life. See how things unfold instead of labeling them one way or another when you cannot possibly know how they will turn out even one day from now. Have faith.

You can spend time judging yourself, others, or life if you want to, but this is a huge waste of time that usually leads to nowhere that is truly worth being in (unless you are just learning a lesson as stated before).

Others will hold on to any judgments that they wish to keep for as long as they want to in life, and this is none of your concern. All you need to do is to remember that you can just as easily and simply realign with your True undistorted Self and move forward from anything when you make the choice to do so. Do that instead of lingering and you are slowly freeing yourself from one of the most difficult chains to break in Maya.

When in doubt, just breathe.

Thank you for reading.

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