Always ensure that you are looking at things clearly as you go about your life/day.

Only affirm that which you know absolutely from direct experience (meaning from your own direct perception in/about your own body, mind, and being), and seek to connect to correct knowledge that is undistorted by ego-colorings.

Gossip/rumors, false-information, delusionary perceptions, unjustified fears, and other damaging Karmas (actions that have a cause and effect in the world that arise from ignorance, egoism, attachments, hatred, and clinging to bodily life) are the only things that come from carelessness in thinking, perceiving, speaking, and behaving, and these are all obstacles on your path to Self-Realization and enlightenment.

To give you an example of how ignorance can prevent clear thinking that leads to negative karmas: I once sat through a conversation with a person who I shared a hot chocolate recipe and an update about my walk that week with.

That person, after I shared my recipe and nature excursion story, proceeded to tell me all about my life based on her limited knowledge of two things, advising me of how, compared to her life, I had no worries in the world. She then went on to list a number of different things that I had in my life that she did not have (all false), telling me all about how I felt in life (all false), etc, without even a moment’s pause as if she had gotten any insight into my personal experience from observing me generally and only superficially for the few weeks or so that we had just come into contact within the grand space of both of our timelines embodied in our particular forms on Earth.

Everything that she stated in her fabrication/projection was absolutely incorrect, and so, I simply listened silently to her discordant discourse before proceeding to never communicate with her again due to her relationship being an unnecessary/unsafe connection for me in my life.

As an example of the types of assumptions that she made to make the point clearer: at the time that she proceeded to tell me about myself and my life, I was a Permanent Resident of the United States.

Because she was experiencing issues with her temporary status in the USA at the time, however, and I had studied in the United States, she assumed a number of different things about my life as a result of this, she even assumed a number of incorrect things about my family (who I never spoke to her about), and then jumped to conclusions about my citizenship status thereafter (a status that only changed several years after that conversation ended when I officially took my oath for US citizenship).

This person was not the first, or the last, person who I have seen engage in this type of behavior directly to me or to others.

Each of these incidents, however, provided vital learning opportunities for what/how not to do/be when engaging with others in the world.

Human minds are prone to error, mistakes, and ignorance.

Higher perception and intelligence, however, is always available to us at all times if we are able to clear the internal obstacles within our minds and bodies that will allow us to see and act purely (meaning without distortion) in the world.

Having pure awareness (meaning undistorted), and before that, True (meaning direct) Knowledge, is one of the most effective ways to ensure that you stay out of ignorance as an obstacle on your path to Self-Realization.

So, today, I want to take the time to remind you of the 5 Mental Distortions that get in the way of True enlightenment in your lifetime. I want to take the time to point toward this issue in order to guide you back to purer awareness.

5 Mental Distortions To Remain Aware Of In life

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With this understanding, be sure to keep seeing clearly, and keep moving forward. The world is filled with enough illusions and distortions to fill an entire existence (literally); there is no need to create more distortions in the world due to the perpetuation of ignorance that you yourself have control over. Always strive to become knowledgeable and not simply opinionated, or, worst, unable to see or recognize Truth altogether as a result of your clinging to mental distortions.

Remember that even True knowledge (which is the least destructive of all the other distortions), knowledge that you gain about your Self through direct experience, is a distortion and an obstacle to the direct experience of being that comes through enlightenment.

Thank you for reading.

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