Never over-identify with that which is fleeting and temporary or that which cannot truly represent who you are.

You are not ____ [sad, anxious, stressed, etc]. You have ____ [sadness, anxiety, stress, etc], and can heal, remove, or cope with ____ [sadness, anxiety, stress, etc].

Always remember that you have feelings and thoughts and experiences; you are not these feelings and thoughts and experiences. Who you are is the witness, untouched and whole beyond these things.

Do what you need to do (in a healthy way) for your clearing away of any unwanted distortion from your being and remember that:

No body or mind is immune to suffering or disease in life.

And you are neither your body nor your mind; you simply have a body and a mind.

Both can be healed with the right conditions and attention.

Be well and know that you are infinite Love and awareness.


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