Strive To See Clearly For Better Decision-Making

When making a decision, or generally observing the world to understand it, aim to see things as they are and not simply as you wish, or are afraid of, them to be.

Remember that there are always unlimited perspectives and opinions that you can create or adopt around any given observation, situation, occurrence, and so forth, but there is only one unchanging truth that does not waiver based on opinions or perspectives; these truths are often what we refer to as facts.

Fantasies only provide your mind with a temporary sense of pleasure or feelings of misery and pain depending on whether they create a horror story or a soothing delusion in your mind.

Whether or not mental distortions feel good or bad to you, or others, does not change the fact that they are distortions.

True understanding, in any situation or context–something that one should also not be attached to–will always bring lasting, consistent, and natural peace/acceptance and will always create the most optimal environment for empowered decision-making and inspired action (right karma/actions that have a cause and effect in the world).

As you move forward with any decision or observation, always strive to look at things neutrally, clearly, and without attachment so that you can see things as they are as opposed to obsessing about what you are afraid of or wishing things to be.

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