All are valuable and all belong.

There is no way to separate anything in existence from the intrinsic Truth of our shared Oneness.

It is only ignorance, delusional egoism, greed, hatred, clinging to bodily life (the 5 obstacles) and other internal flaws that homo-sapiens create within themselves due to animal attachments and uncultivated minds/hearts that fabricates the sense of separation that excludes or puts “others” down (often blindly and idiotically to their own demise).

People who maintain the illusion of separation often pretend that things are just “the way they are” and perpetuate lies of separation in society to maintain orders that they benefited from (temporarily) in one way or another (even if it is just in the mild sense of benefiting by hiding from their animal fears attached to bodily existence), but the Truth stands uncorrupted by human-animal delusion.

The only thing that comes from the ignorance of the perpetuation of separation–specifically the narrative of exclusion (as is evident in the example of American, and other, Societies)–is ignorant Karmas that keep our species trapped in destructive patterns that bind it to suffer (from environmental destruction to maintain false ways of life, to the destruction of people to maintain false senses of self).

Look at this socially constructed world where even tyrannical “leaders” are accepted and propped up to perpetuate suffering and destruction that leads masses of individuals (who abandon conscience and commonsense) to internal/eternal damnation, where serial killers/murderers are valorized, and hatred is a casual part of the infrastructure of many “cultures” and societies, and have no fear, because the Light/Truth that created all of existence, and all things in existence, is the only thing that defines you.

You belong…to something greater than the illusions of this world.

And if your existence here in this temporary form creates only the destruction of falsehoods; you are free from the entrapments that keep most tied to negative Karmas (actions that have a cause and effect in the world) that inevitably come back to them in this space of oneness.

Thank you for reading.

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