Today, remember to be present in your body.

Feel your toes (remember that they are there), wiggle your fingers, and connect with the vibration of your heart beating in your chest.

Your body is your first (and longest physically inhabited) home. Create a safe and enriching environment within it so that you can confidently navigate through all of life’s beauty and uncertainty with the greatest amount of freedom and ease.

Even if this is the only work-out that you do today, I invite you to perform 5-10 jumping jacks (or other heart-racing exercises) before placing your hands on your chest for about two minutes to simply feel your heartbeat.

Every day, your heart pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood throughout your entire being to keep you alive and functioning. Take a moment to simply feel gratitude for all that your heart does for you every day without your having to ask or even think about it.

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