“Ignorance is regarding the impermanent as permanent, the impure as pure, the painful as pleasant and the non-Self as the Self” (Sutra 2.5), and this state of mind is a breeding ground for all kinds of unfortunate karmas and ways of thinking, speaking, and behaving in the world that will keep you bound to suffering if you are not careful to identify and weed it out.

What is permeant is unchanging/unchangeable. What is pure is eternally True and never relative. And “you” are never reduced to that which is relative or can be changed. You are eternally pure, free, and beyond the limitations and trappings of this world–no matter how seemingly (socially defined as) pleasurable, un-pleasurable, unpleasant, or “pleasant” any given thing or experience that you encounter or create (outside of blatantly destructive karmas, of course) appears to be.

When you judge “yourself” or “others” (or, more accurately, when you project your limited/warped mental construct of value onto things, reflective of the shape and quality of your mind), you only express the ignorance that is present within you.

To know the Truth, and to posses True Knowledge, is to be grounded in what is Real and unchanging. It is being secure in your full understanding of your inherent shared value and oneness with all of creation. And, it is standing firmly in who you are as infinite, eternal, awareness and potential, nothing more, nothing less.

Lest you forget that neither you, nor any other is reduced to a body-mind, nor are you defined by any other fleeting limitation, “advantage,” projection/imagination, nor context of ever-changing expression in existence, let’s do a quick review of what remains True beyond illusion.

Let us review 5 core things, beyond their superficial definitions, that you are naturally always good at, and that actually matter, and make you “you” in this world (even if, due to ignorance, these “things” are not truly valued, or are overlooked/ignored as you busy yourself with the “roles” that you play in the illusion of Maya).

These things are reflective of your True Nature, which, though beyond definition and form, has certain qualities and expressions that are useful for navigating through life.

  • Being (Your Self)-You exist, and boy are you good at it! Even through physical death, you remain. And when you want to be “happy,” you can make it happen in the same way that when you choose to be “miserable,” you can play the role so well that you forget that you are even “playing” at all.
  • Knowing (Your Self)-You know so much that you even know how to “not know” your Self.
  • Loving (Your Self)-This is so purely reflective of your nature that you suffer when you do not sufficiently or adequately express it.
  • Creating (Your Self)-From “reality” to the objects within it, you have created everything from disastrously hot messes to beautiful masterpieces in your lifetime.
  • Connecting (Your Self)-You are so connected to/as “all that is” that there is no way to separate you from anything else in existence.

Always remember these things, and what they reflect about who/what you are as you move “yourself” forward on your path back home to your Self.

Have You Been Engaging In Regular Sadhana Practice That Aligns You With The Purest Purpose For Your Existence/Expression?

If not, start now!

Thank you for reading.

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