Playing allows us to grow, release tension and stress in our bodies and minds, think creatively, process our experiences and emotions in new and interesting ways, and it gifts us with the ability to learn, grow, and expand our imagination to points where we can fully see new possibilities for ourselves and others in life (among other things).

Even if you just set aside 30 minutes of your time every 24 hours, be sure that most of your days moving forward involve some wholesome, safe, and playful activity or thinking (especially when it is hard to find the time or energy to simply enjoy yourself).

Remember that play is natural and healthy (all other animals do it throughout their whole lives), and it should be a regular part of your life as a human being.

Make your play free, enjoyable, and unruly, and avoid substituting hard or “useful” work for pure unadulterated silliness.

If you have a pet, a child, a mirror, a partner, a journal, or even just breath flowing through your lungs, you can engage in meaningful play.

Create some crafts, sing a song, write something fantastical, play an instrument, engage in an outdoor sport, dance, “whip up” something interesting in the kitchen.

Remember that there are no limits to how you can play since your imagination is limitless. Just get started at any point and simply have fun.

Always remember to take some time to play.

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