What does it mean to be a sovereign being who, because you are connected to your Self beyond limited form, does not need anyone else to be any particular way, nor need to perform any destructive, greed or hate-based, Karmas in a desperate attempt to deny anyone else of their sovereignty–simply to validate fleeting/illusory ego constructs that your social-animal expression may be/become attached to?

What does it mean to be secure in your knowing of who you are, and to stand in your right to purely be that (which in your highest expression, does no harm to “others”)?

These are some questions that you may wish to ponder today.

In the meantime, here is a short audio reminder that everyone’s expression here is a valuable part of the whole, which further encourages us all to remember that ignorance can be cleared from all beings with light/love/knowledge (and we can always learn from it). The light of divinity in all of us can glow brighter/brightly if we nurture and remain connected to it, in the same way that anything else can grow if we allow it to take root and to flourish.

How well, however, do you understand and know that what matters most is what is eternally “uncolored” within all beings while existing in temporary, every-changing, form?

Listen To The Audio Reminder Below

Thank you for reading/listening.

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