What does it mean to be a sovereign being who, because you are connected to your Self beyond limited form, does not need anyone else to validate your existence, nor need anyone to be any particular way, nor need to perform any destructive, greed or hate-based, Karmas in a desperate attempt to deny anyone else of their sovereignty–simply to justify any fleeting/illusory ego constructs that your social-animal expression may be/become attached to?

What does it mean to be secure in your knowing of who you are, and to stand in your right to purely be that (in your highest expression that does no harm to “others”)?

These are some questions that you may wish to ponder today.

And, to get started, here is a short audio reminder that everyone’s expression here is a valuable part of the whole, which further encourages us all to remember that ignorance can be cleared from all beings with light/love/knowledge (and we can always learn from it).

The light of divinity in all of us can glow brighter/brightly if we nurture and remain connected to it, not just in spirit, but also in our body-mind, in the same way that anything else can grow if we allow it to take root and to flourish.

How well, however, do you understand and know that what matters most is what is eternally “uncolored” within all beings while existing in temporary, ever-changing, form? How well can you honor this Truth, especially when you find it particularly difficult to do so due to the destruction that you see others creating or due to the attachments that you may still hold within you?

Listen To The Audio Reminder Below

Now, what exactly do you do with this understanding? Especially when you most likely care about the world to one extent or another and have some interest in the safety and well-being of your (and others’) physical expression in it?

What do you do with this understanding when so many people have differing views/perspectives/relative ego-based “‘reasonings” (many of which are not even grounded in reality) causing them to make choices/take actions that are sometimes confusing and/or even harmful, and you know that everything in manifestation is connected via the Karmic cycle of cause and effect that physical beings are bound to on planet Earth and you may, therefore, not like or want the effects that many people create in the world…causing you disturbance, or, at the very least, annoyance?

What do you do when you can see how, with just one change in behavior or perspective, one small act or thought of decency, Love, or peace, certain problems can be reduced or entirely avoided…but people do ignorant or counterproductive things anyway, and many of them seem to not care about, or appear to be oblivious to, their Karmic effects on others (while often demanding that their ego “needs” be met by you and others)?

Billions of people with infinite desires…oftentimes conflicting…which has, for centuries, caused incredible violations to other people’s body-minds based only on ignorance, greed, hatred, egoism, etc…because freewill makes it so that people can choose freely how they “show up” in the world, even when any given choice/expression that they make is evidently destructive

What do you do when, even after making agreements to enact efforts to create/maintain harmony in relationships and/or societies that most directly benefit from, many often violate the vows that they make to honor and live in peace with others and instead choose to cause harm for fleeting emotions, delusions, desires, greed, animal urges, etc.?

What to do in response to ignorance’s toxic sustenance that comes from human sovereignty and freewill to begin with?

Well, our species has been grappling with this issues for time immemorial. And the best thing that you can do, according to Yoga, logic, and our best working solution so far, is to, again, remember your sovereignty and your power to step outside of the Karmic cycle of confusion based on ignorance and ego delusion that comes from false over-identification with limited form and perspectives in the first place.

The best things that you can do is to remember who/what you are and to know what is and is not Real…to purify and enlighten yourself (your body-mind-ego) from this cycle of destruction based on the illusions of Maya and simply be your uncontaminated Self that is beyond limited form in the world…not try to change other people, because that is impossible, nor to change the world because that is delusional when “you” are one physical manifestation no matter how far-reaching your “impact” may be to gather supporters for this cause.

The best thing that you can do is to be the clearest/purest expression of the divinity that is your True Nature for no other reason than for the sake of this divine being itself.

You can only Truly Liberate yourself alone…since even trying to tell other people to be better, and how, (outside of educating them on the possibility if they are interested) is a violation of their “right” to be completely lost if they so choose.

This practice is incredibly difficult if you still have ego attachments and delusionally attach yourself to limited/fleeting form. But, when you can Truly be your Self that is not conditionally defined by, nor bound to/in this world, you are free…free from bondage to Karmic attachment with unconscious and lost others and independently joyful as a result of this.

Your task for today, therefore, (and every day moving forward if you are earnest about learning in this space) is to remain grounded in your True Self and in your point of power to remain connected to the Eternal Truth/goodness, not relative and fleeting perspectives, emotions, and attachments, but the unchanging Reality of your pure and divine nature…uncorrupted…to purify your attachments and distortions in the world/your body-mind, so that you can to be all that you already are (unshakingly secure and whole) without contamination no matter what happens within others or in the world…secure in your inherent joy and Liberation from suffering in this lifetime if/because you so choose.

The world and “other people” can be corrupt, disconnected, evil, etc., if they choose to be expressed that way…that is their “human right” (freewill) and Karmic “freedom” (which we all know by now is actually bondage to ignorance and suffering), but you do not have to be expressed in this way.

You are free, and can choose to transcend this cycle of endless suffering. You can, instead, simply be your pure Self, expressed divinely in and beyond this world (of Maya/illusion/corruption and delusion)…and this choice is the highest, most intelligent, and most Loving choice. This choice is your eternal birthright and True Liberation from bondage to ignorance, form, and suffering…It is to be guided by/surrendered to a greater will than your limited and fallible ego-will…to be connected to all that you are…pure in all of your expression(s).

Billions of perspectives exit and can exist, from the beautiful to the deluded and everything in between (even within your own individual mind), but there is only one unchanging, undying, Truth/Reality that encompasses all and all things and keeps you uncorrupted. Remain grounded in this Truth above all else and Truly be free.

Stand in your Absolute Authority to be your Self, remain untangled in/within the Karmic web of ignorant human behaviors, and rest fully in your divinity expressed as uncontaminated Joy.

Thank you for reading/listening.

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