As you continue to engage in daily Yoga practice, please remember that consistency is only beneficial if you are consistently doing the things that move you forward in the direction that is best for you to grow.

Consistently practicing incorrect poses (which essentially means misaligned forms that may only “look good” but place damaging stress on your muscles and/or joints, or may simply not be appropriate for you at any given point on your journey) will lead to injury. If you continually chase after sensory phantoms during meditation, you will not build the necessary neurological connections (focus) and pathways to progress in mind-mastery. And you will simply stall your meaningful growth if you frequently engage in destructive habits in thoughts, words, and actions in your day-to-day life.

Like ensuring that when you are learning to sing, or to drive a car, that you do not pick up bad habits that you consistently practice and, therefore, commit to muscle memory, in your Yoga practice, it is advised that you strive to only consistently practice the things that are actually moving you in the “right” direction.

Though making mistakes is often useful for your learning and development (if you learn what not to do and course correct accordingly), it is important that you strive to gain knowledge/understanding, and move on, from your mistakes as opposed to practicing them over and over again until they become an engrained form of your expression.

When engaging in your Yoga practice (any given limb), remain mindful and fully present. Seek the right alignment, necessary knowledge, and most effective support for you to ensure that you set the foundation, and proper conditions, for the most effective development on your journey. Simply remember that what is right for you is what you need to practice consistently.

Quality practice, not just performing actions for the sake of performing them, is assumed when Patanjali advises that “practice becomes firmly grounded when attended to for a long time, without breaks and with all earnestness” (Sutra 14).

Strive to consistently improve and to consistently build on that which is actually beneficial for your positive movement forward inward and upward on the Eightfold Path. This effort in consistency should also include consistently dropping bad habits and forms when you recognize them through honest self assessment.

As always, just keep practicing, aligning, and moving forward in the direction that is best for your to go/grow.

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