At the end of your life, whether you like it or not, whether you are prepared or not, whether you need a bit more time or not, whether you lived well or not, whether you said what you needed to say or not, everything that you possess in form will be released, and “you” in this form (no matter what shape it is in at the time of your passing) will no longer exist.

To reduce your suffering, which will surly accompany your attachment to form, it is, therefore, advisable that you learn to come into connection with the eternal aspect of you that will always remain untouched by both experience and form.

Your body, your mind, and the world can (and will) change.

Do not become attached to, or overidentified, with these things as who you are.

You are not your body, you are not your mind, you are not your conditioning, you are not a “personality,” you are not the projections of others based on ego roles or on the empty opinions currently maintained (and are subject to change) by “society,” nor are you even the sum of your past experiences and/or moods (“good” or “bad”). All of these things are malleable, and your overidentification with fleeting, changing, temporary form is a delusion that will surely lead to suffering.

Feel free to shape all things in this world, from your body, to your mind, to your personal world-views, and daily life expression in healthful ways while you are alive.

But, above all else, remain centered in your eternal, unchanging, incorruptible Spirit and remain free.

Appreciate everything that comes and hold on lightly to all things while you are here, knowing that they can and will change, and free up your energy to fully expand into all that you are capable of being on this journey, not in any one form (obviously you have grown and changed over the years and will continue to do so until you die), but in multiple expressions, even while simultaneously remaining eternally unchanged and never confined to/bound by any form.

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