In life, awareness is key as one learns to recognize, and then live as, her/his True Self beyond the ego, transcending the fabricated illusions of the world, and the projections and delusions of others, to walk uncorrupted in the world.

As you navigate through Maya and those who are heavily costumed and covered in a fog of their contrived personhood and the karmic trappings of their history and “culture,” submerged in the hypnosis of the context and neurosis of their society, remember that the Truth is unaffected by all of these things.

Be aware of what illusion will, can, and does cause people to do and say and to tolerate, and remember what the confusion was like in your body and mind when you were lost in Maya (even if you yourself have not performed any guilt-inducing Karma due to at least following your conscience while navigating through the darkness). Extend compassion for those who are deeply lost (because that surly sucks) and keep embodying the Truth since this is your only salvation.

As you move forward, remember not to over-attach to the impermanence. The ego will undergo multiple births and deaths until it is finally put to rest. Your body cannot be preserved forever, nor will your mind. And with the rapid destruction of the environment, not even the human species will be preserved for long. But, the part of you that is an indestructible expression of the whole of all of Creation can be at least touched and recognized in this lifetime.

You can liberate yourself, and minimize your karma, as a service to this creation. The human ego has surely done enough destruction in the short time that our species has existed since the beginning of time in our unified Creation; this alone is one of the greatest services you can offer to our world.

Thank you for reading.

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