Focus on the consciousness that animates your being, and the purity of the Absolute that is expressed through your limited human form, while being simultaneously free from any form.

Everything else is a distraction and a distortion of the unchanging Truth of who you, and all of creation, really are.

Your energy is best utilized connecting to your Pure Undistorted Self and higher expressions as opposed to “your,” or “others’,” impermanent body-mind/ego-self identity as it relates to the fleeting, illusory, and changing nature of the world and society.

Focusing on your limited nature only increases suffering and keeps you trapped within Maya and its dense material appearance.

Remember that you are pure consciousness/spirit embodied within tangible matter. Giving your energy to your awareness of who you are beyond your limited body-mind-ego is what liberates you to the higher states of being and consciousness available in all lifetimes.

Connect To The Absolute

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