Using Your Personal Power To Deal With Racism, Sexism, Abuse, Violence, And/Or Disrespect (Or To Just Generally Deal With A “Mean & Ugly Bully”)

Let others take responsibility for their words, thoughts, and actions in the same way you are best served with taking responsibility for yours.

If someone is intentionally disrespectful, hateful, abusive, racist, sexist, or harmful to you in any way, this reflects their lack of love, acceptance, and/or control of themselves; it is not an invitation for you to feel inadequate or defective if you have not done anything to them, or have not done anything wrong.

Never allow other people’s venom to inflict damage on you by overidentifying with their harmful thoughts, words, or actions.

Give yourself the grace of Love and respect that another may be delusional enough to think that they have the right to deny you.

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