“It’s the time to let go
And let your blessings grow…

It’s the time to let go
And let your spirit glow.”

Song Overview

Opening with the bell that I use for my classes, this song is about starting the journey to spiritual liberation.

This liberation cannot be bound by any limitations of forms within Maya (whether geological, political, religious, or otherwise), and the song, therefore, celebrates the fact that everything that you “are” (and have lived through–no matter what your expression or historical context may be) prepares you fully for the journey back to your Self.

As a spiritual journey that is open to all and is never forced upon anyone, you come to this path by the grace of inner wisdom and go all the way through the purification of your socio-animal self, so that you can come into your full, untainted expression as pure Spirit (connected to all that is, as one aspect of the “Source”).

The song is in the key of G Major, and my voice was warmed up complements to the Sarali Swara scale, the Western Solfège system, sirens inspired by the Ambulance that drove by, a cup of ginger tea, and high pitched meow sounds inspired by my cat, Nina (among other exercises). The song does not follow any traditional structure of verse, chorus, verse…but, instead, has a structure inspired by a Yoga class (which you can learn more about in the overview below).

Listen To My Main Overview Below

Do A Sutra Studies Review

Sutra 1 Overview And Prompt

Sutra 1 Check-In

Sutra 1 Reflection

Listen To The Full Song With Vocals

What do you think of my ascending OM at the beginning of the song?

The Visual Version

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