What Is Eight-Limbed Yoga? | Ashtanga | Raja | The Eightfold Path

Eight-Limbed Yoga, also called Ashtanga Yoga (different from the physical practice of the same name), Raja (Royal) Yoga, or the Eightfold Path (particularly in Buddhism), to name a few titles, is a spiritual model that expresses and maps the natural … Read MoreRead More

The Art Of Letting Go And Holding On | Living In Alignment With Your Self

Learn to let go of what is not right for you even when it is hard to do so. Release it. Learn to be with what is right for you even when it is challenging to do so. Endure it. … Read MoreRead More

Yoga Tip/Challenge # 21: Applying Consistency

As you continue to engage in daily Yoga practice, please remember that consistency is only beneficial if you are consistently doing the things that move you forward in the direction that is best for you to grow. … Read More

Ignorance Clearing Worksheet | Avoid The Painful Mistake Of Foolish Thinking

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Being Yourself/Your Self In This World Requires No Human Authorization

What does it mean to be a sovereign being who, because you are connected to your Self beyond limited form, does not need anyone else to be any particular way, nor need to perform any destructive, greed or hate-based, Karmas … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Song | Nirodha (Put It All Aside)

“New distortions will come through | And keep you trapped and blind to the reality that you don’t have to do | Anything to be yourself, divine, | But clear away conditioned and false views.” … Read More

What Us? What Them? | Challenge Question Of The Day: How Colonized/Conditioned Is Your “Spirituality?”

There is only one “Spirit” shining, ever-present, through/throughout all beings/forms, and in/within/as all of existence, so, this naturally means that this is so regardless of the form that anything shows up in at any given moment. But the question is: … Read MoreRead More

Sutra Studies Week 76: Check-In | Pure, Uninterrupted Flow Of Consciousness/Awareness Frees You From The Bonds Of Karma And False Overidentification With Form

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