Week 30: Check-In | Connection Through Shared Oneness

Connection to your True Self, the undisturbed Source of Creation from which everything emerged, and all of creation itself, is ever-present, and we are all one.

Because of the convincing nature of the illusion of your solely concrete ego-identity and physical existence and the limited use of your full cognitive, ethical, and intellectual capabilities at any given point in your life, however, you can perceive yourself to be separated or distanced from this connection (and thus, think and act accordingly in the world).

It only takes conscious effort (because most human life is lived maintaining an illusion of separateness) and discerning inner work/awareness (because the dominating worldview is to see yourself as a distinct being disconnected from all of creation as opposed to existing as a unique aspect/expression of consciousness within creation), though, to recognize and maintain your understanding and embodiment of this truth of connection.

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