Yoga can be practiced in every single moment since it is a personal development lifestyle choice that is accomplished through the synergy of numerous different, but complementarity, types of inner and outer work.

Mastery will always come with continuous practice of anything, and Yoga is no exception to this fact.

The Self-Actualization/Self-Realization intention of Yoga, like many goals, requires being competent at a number of different types (or sets) of skills in order to achieve mastery and to accomplish the aim of being one’s greatest Self. And, fortunately for everyone, we all have everything that we need to achieve this goal in any context of existence or genetic expression that we are born into, since we are already our Self (and just need to come into a clear knowing/being this, undistorted in the world).

A Yogic Lifestyle only requires being alive and breathing with an electrically operating brain for enough time to practice for as long as possible to get started. Anyone, with this understanding can reach the aim of True/full Self-Actualization/Self-Realization in their lifetime.

Pranayamas require awareness and control of one’s breath. Asanas require being present in and consciously working with one’s body for maximum presence, purification, health, and vitality. Yamas and Niyamas require working with one’s conscience. And all Pratyaharas, Dharanas and Dhyanas require working with one’s mind to achieve clear focus/concentration. Samadhi is putting it all together to merge into one’s purest expression in order to gain ultimate connection with our Self and all of creation through the Union that comes through purifying all aspects of our personal being.

There is always something that you can work on when the space in which you work, and have to work, is within, and all around, you.

Be sure that you practice continuously and earnestly in every moment until all limbs on your path are mastered and your highest self-expression becomes your full Self, expressed, and uninterrupted, in the world.

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