Complete This Affirmation

Please use the following as a starting point to develop your own personalized affirmation:.

For this exercise, you will focus on following, and trusting, the subtle nudge of your intuition since it is often the best resource that you have available to tap into when making a decision or “planning” a course of action.

Although you may seek advice and information from trusted external sources, becoming attuned to what your spirit is guiding you–from within–to do in every moment, is an important skill to develop as you journey forward on your Eightfold Path.

Listen to the promptings and calls that are coming from your inner wellspring of knowledge in response to your conscious and unconscious questions in life.

Become attuned to how information from your “inner-self” is communicated to your conscious mind, to then be translated into awareness for you to respond as you navigate in the world.

The more connected to your inner guidance system you are, and become, the more integrated your life will be (and the more “divinely guided” you will feel).

Take 2-5 minutes to sit with the following seeds of an affirmation. Allow the quenching waters of your inner wellspring of knowledge to turn these seeds into roots that your conscious mind can then grow into the full blossom of a personalized, and useful, tool that you can pull out of your internal resources kit at any time.

Your task is simple: Complete the following thought/sentence by adding your own 1-10 words.

I follow intuitive knowledge in every moment _________________.

Once you have completed your sentence (finetuning for the clear communication of your message), recite your affirmation out loud to yourself 5-10 times with the intention that it will become a flower in your endless garden of conscious knowledge that you can always pull into your present awareness when you need it in order to gain, or maintain, clear perspective and guidance while navigating through life.

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