Week 29: Check-In | Keeping Your Inner Light Bright No Matter What

There is always goodness available for you to access within you.

Although the same cannot be said for or about the world around you if you were to be completely honest (without too much mental or verbal gymnastics), your inner landscape has an infinite wellspring of peace, safety, love, happiness, and wellness for you to tap into at any given time. The world and others may, or may not ever, provide these things to or for you, but you can always provide them for yourself. This is one of the first steps toward true self-sufficiency and independence.

No matter what happens to you or what other people do to you, you always have access to Love in your heart, peace within your mind, and an abundance of inner resources to tap into to thrive, heal, and/or advance to new levels of consciousness and being. Even if the whole world were to (for whatever hypothetical reason) hate you, attack you, or attempt to bring you down, your connection to your Source, Self, your Truth, and your blissful inner light will make it so that these ego creations only fester at their ego sources. This is why it is essential that you nurture and regularly stimulate the radiance of your inner light above all else.

While not all situations are easy to get over immediately or quickly, and depending on what you may be experiencing at any given moment, what challenges or tribulations you may face, it can seem that some obstacles, realities, and experiences are far too dark to find the light within, it is always possible to realign yourself with the inner light within you and to never allow the coldness and harshness of anything, anyone, or any experience in the mundane world/life to dim the inner brilliance that comes from your untouchable internal landscape. This takes practice and commitment but is absolutely worth the effort since this light is what brings joy to your life.

When you need to retreat to a healing place of sadness or to express heavy emotions in order to remove them from your being, it is important that you do so in a safe space that is right for you, where your feelings will be validated and can be safely expressed without causing attack from, or damage to, others, but always understand that it is your responsibility to never allow the light within you completely burn out since you are the only one in charge of this light and the first one to truly sufferer when this light is covered or distorted.

You are responsible for yourself.

While you may get inspired to feel joy, peace, and a sense of Love from people and things outside of you depending on how these people or things are relating to you at any given moment, joy, peace, a sense of Love, and other qualities are only created, felt, and maintained by and within you. So, while it may seem like others have the power to uplift or bring you down (and many will try to convince you that they possess this ability), this is simply not true. You were created as a unique and sovereign being connected to all of creation; you hold the power over your access to the eternally blissful inner light that everyone has equal rights to regardless of their age, sex, or place in society. Own this power, and never give it over to others’ due to the illusions maintained by fleeting emotions, desires, motivations, and so forth.

External factors can certainly influence and trigger your responses in the world depending on where you are at any given moment (something that is always subject to change). But your feelings, even if it may take some effort on your part (depending on what you experience or have to overcome), are ultimately within your power to balance, influence, and align with your True Self. Whether this is through your thoughts, the application of useful activities and techniques, through your food (since your gut health impacts your emotional state), through your hormones, or otherwise, you have the power to get yourself aligned and in touch with your inner light at all times.

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