“I, like most people, grew up with the myth that all humans are inherently good, by nature, but this, idea, which most likely emerged from religious ideologies that attempted to shape the way humans understood the world and, therefore, influence their perceptive and behaviors in complex groups, is itself a distortion of the mind.

Life and humans simply are. That’s it. People are “good” or “bad” based only on their choices, behaviors, and habits of character and the context under which these things take place, or what can generally be considered their Karma or actions that have a cause and effect in the world. Although all of creation is and has the potential to be, considered “good,” not all people are inherently good because the fact of the matter is that there are people who enjoy inflicting harm on others and those who will not even blink an eye before, during, or after robbing another blind, violating another person in some way, or even taking someone else’s life through murder. In fact, some people even enjoy these things, and no one, except maybe, these evildoers themselves, would consider themselves to be “good” by any stretch of the imagination.”

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