“Yoga cannot provide a cure for life, but it does present a proven method for coping with it.”

-From The Teachings of Swami Sivananda Saraswati

As an effective science of the mind, body, and spirit, Yoga has many benefits, with the primary benefit being that it creates balance within humans, and in all areas of their lives, in order to enable individuals to be the best that they can be in their lifetime.

Yoga, all aspects of the practice, and not just Asanas (posing and stretching) practice, is a tool for optimal living.

The practice is supported by a wide range of techniques that are easily integrated into individual lives, and it is free to get started, plus everyone already has everything that they need in order to succeed.

Yoga will support you with:

  • Better and healthier relationships with others.
  • The achievement of your personal goals and embodiment of your higher personal standards.
  • The strengthening and conditioning of your body-mind.
  • Better breathing.
  • Optimal absorption of vital nutrients, plus the effective removal to waste from your blood and body.
  • Better self-regulation and control of your mind and senses.
  • Greater concentration and focus.
  • The purification, optimization, and calming of your mind.
  • Connection to a higher purpose, your True Self, and purer states of consciousness.

When all of these things are present, you are better able to cope with any and all of the stresses and suffering that comes with living life.

For thousands of years this important science has been used to support seekers with being the best that they can be while being embodied here on Earth.

Yoga has not only been proven to be effective in accomplishing the goal of personal advancement, but it has also, by extension, created healthier families, communities, societies, and so forth in the process as well, making the burdens that humans have to collectively cope with substantially less in the process.

Simply put, Yoga creates better people, and better people create better societies and a better world.

Are you practicing today?

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