Week 32: Doing What Works Best For You (Sutra 39)

“Or by meditating on anything one chooses that is elevating [you can create steadiness of mind and remove mental obstacles and their accompaniments].”

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Yathabhimata Dhyanad Va

Yatha: as, in which manner | Abhimata: per choice or desire, agreeableness | Dhyanat: from meditating | Va: or

It is important that you always remember that what works well for others may not always work, or be best, for you.

Do not feel pressured to follow any prescribed path/method for inner transformation just because others say that these paths/methods are how they achieved success, or to adopt a given practice because a given method is trending on social media, or to do anything at all just because many others swear that these paths/methods are the “only” ways to achieve your desired goals.

There is no one path. There are infinite pathways to the same goal and your pathway will inevitable be different from others’ since you have a unique expression in creation. You are not exactly like other people; you are an individual expression in one whole.

This suggestion is true for everything in life, but is especially vital on your personal inner journey towards Yoga/Union/Self-Realization. You are best served honoring your uniqueness when it comes to your own personal development and your own unique life journey.

Strive to become an expert on yourself above all else and to cultivate self-awareness as the primary compass on your Eightfold Path. When you do this, it will be easier to ignore distractions and noise and to find the thing, or things, that bring you joy and that elevate your unique spirit and support you to focus your attention in a way that brings inner peace that will prepare you to achieve higher states of consciousness.

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