Week 31: Check-in | Gaining Insight From Dreams [With Guided Yoga Nidra Exercise]

Since they help you to process insights, emotions, learning, information, and experience, dreams (as we discussed at the beginning of this week) can be incredibly useful tools for creating positive change in your life and in yourself. And, because the dream state of consciousness can be accessed in your waking life as well, you can, with the proper guidance, use dreaming to gain greater insight and understanding of your Self and your life on a regular basis.

To illustrate this point more clearly, I will share my own personal example of how I obtained insight from a recent dream experience that I had, as well as take you through a guided Yoga Nidra Meditation exercise so that you can access the dream state (while in waking consciousness) for useful insight in your life.

The insight that I gained from the dream experience that I shared above has been invaluable in my life as it connects to how I relate to others in a Self-Loving way (since as a young girl and young(er) woman, I was previously overly self-sacrificing, sometimes even to the point of sacrificing myself at my own expense, developing both the mumps and chick-pox as a child due to feeling sorry for others).

In addition to dream analysis, as mentioned before, in Yoga, guided meditations called Yoga Nidra (or union sleep, if translated directly into English) serve as powerful ways to access information from the subconscious/unconscious mind to bring back insight into waking awareness to improve one’s life and experiences.

For our check-in, I will be taking you through a guided Yoga Nidra exercise.

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